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इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स
In the following years, The NCPA has had a pivotal role in increasing scholarship limits, extending healthcare benefits, and eliminating the NCAA's 1-year max on athletic scholarships. We have also assisted over a dozen states in adopting laws to allow college athletes to secure representation and earn compensation for use of their name, image, and likeness. However, the NCAA still denies college athletes basic freedoms and protections. The NCPA will continue to push for justice.

College football player holding a ball.

Because college athletes deserve equal rights & freedoms

The National College Players Association (NCPA) is a 501c3 nonprofit advocacy association made up of current and former college athletes, and has been leading the college athletes' rights movement since 2001.

The NCPA is pursuing much needed reform including enforced health and safety standards, Title IX enforcement, fair compensation, and the preservation of all sports. Through athlete advocacy campaigns, new laws, lawsuits, and public pressure, the NCPA has been pivotal in bringing forth many essential reforms, including:

  • Increase in scholarship money by $3-5K/year
  • Laws that guarantee our freedom to receive NIL compensation & have representation
  • 4-5 year scholarships
  • More transfer freedoms

Our Key Goals

United for Change

The NCPA unites current and former college athletes to bring real change. We empower college athletes by providing critical information and analysis, arranging meetings with lawmakers and government agencies, and by providing assistance to athletes in dealing with deceptive, unfair, and abusive practices on their campus.

NCPA membership is open to current and former college athletes, as well as all those who care about the well-being of college athletes across the इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स country. Every person that joins our team empowers us to enact change in college sports.

NCAA Says It Has No Duty To Protect College Athletes

High Stakes: Death, Abuse, Fair Pay.

It is not against NCAA rules for a college to kill an athlete in a hazardous workout or for a team doctor to abuse an athlete. In multiple public documents and in hearings, the NCAA claims it has no duty to protect college athletes.

The NCAA also denies us the freedom to secure fair compensation, a freedom afforded to other students and Americans. Too इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स many of us can be left to pay sports-related medical bills and in some sports, graduation rates hover around 50%.

This must change! We can solve these problems together Join now to protect current and generations of future college athletes.

Ramogi testifying in front of congres.


We are the union that represents the players of the National Football League.इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स

We are dedicated to the success and well-being of all players on and off the field.

इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स

Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine and so much more…THE PLAYERS is your chance to experience all that Northeast Florida has to offer.

We Real Cool

Gwendolyn Brooks, “We Real Cool” from Selected Poems. Copyright © 1963 by Gwendolyn Brooks. Reprinted with the permission of the Estate of Gwendolyn Brooks.

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Cover for Poetry Magazine, September 1959

We Real Cool

Using simple, illuminative paper-cut puppetry, this enchanting video imagines the moment of witness that inspired Gwendolyn Brooks to write her landmark poem, “We Real Cool.”

Poems, articles, and podcasts that explore African American history and culture.

This week, Fred Sasaki had the very special honor of interviewing his friend and colleague, Ashley M. Jones. Jones guest edited the late spring and summer issues of इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स Poetry magazine during a remarkable time.

Classic poems from a Chicago poet.

Alice Quinn discusses the return of the Poetry in Motion program in New York. Need a transcript of this episode? Request a transcript here.

We Real Cool

By Gwendolyn Brooks

Gay Chaps at the Bar

"Still Do I Keep My Look, इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स My Identity. "

The Children of the Poor

A Light and Diplomatic Bird

The Bean Eaters

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We Real Cool

Poet Gwendolyn Brooks smiling, sitting at her typewriter in front of a bookshelf. Black and white.

इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स

Only Fate Can Explain this Story

For Neymar

I Want to Keep Dreaming


Good Crazy

Sergio Pérez इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स drives in the F1 for pride, for his family and for Mexico: “It’s funny how you can race for years and be completely unknown, and then once you make it to इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स Formula One, the whole world knows who you are.”

I’m Still Here

John Wall shares his story: “I was this close to taking my own life. That’s a hard thing to tell the world. But if you can say one thing about me, it’s that I’ve always been real, and that’s not going to change today.”

Y’all Don’t Know a Damn Thing About JaMarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell shares his truth: “It’s my turn to speak on it. If you wanna judge me, then judge me. But at least know where I come from first.”

I Want to Remember Everything

Mikaela Shiffrin on losing her dad and the real nature of grief: “Some days, it’s so hard to put one foot in front of the other. That’s grief. That’s being a human.”


Let's Talk About Legacy

My responsibility to you and your responsibility to me is the same. I will respect your humanity, and you respect mine.

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I’m That Bitch

It’s Story Time

Imagine it. I’m out there shooting bricks, yelling out Kobe, on a busted hoop in Cameroon. Seven years later, I was playing Kobe.

There Will Be Blood

I saw the blood on the ice, but I didn’t know the right side of my face was caved in.


I’m not out here trying to write about Ty Lue, or about practice. I’m tired of these same old topics.


A Message to Everyone Going to Qatar

Tim Sparv has a message ahead of the World Cup in Qatar: “Staying silent when you see injustice, that’s just not cool anymore.”

The Last and the Next

Joshua Kimmich isn’t focusing on Germany’s 2018 results. He’s इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स looking ahead to the 2022 World Cup: “Don’t get me wrong, I still dream big. I love the challenge and I know we can go far, but we have to इंटरबैंक प्लेयर्स take it step by step together.”

The Boy From Hell

Antony, in his own words: “If you really want to understand me as a person, then you must understand where I am from.”

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